After 13 Years Spirit Airlines Re-Enters Puerto Rico

Spirit Airlines, the ultra-low-cost American airline with its headquarters in Florida, has officially announced that it would resume flights to Puerto Rico beginning in January.

Spirit’s 14th destination in the Caribbean this summer is Ponce International Airport, marking the airline’s first return to Puerto Rico since September 2008. The route will fly from Orlando to Ponce, putting them in direct rivalry with JetBlue, which has been operating from the same airport since 2005.

For the remainder of the year, the 1,179-mile journey will be operated by a 145-seat Airbus A319, which will run once each day. The A320neo was used for the first time during the round-trip flight.

While the time of flights may vary on a number of occasions, the following is the present configuration:

Spirit NK3028, 15:50-19:38, Orlando-Ponce de Leon
Spirit Ponce-Orlando: NK3029, 20:40-22:44, Ponce-Orlando
And during the middle of July, it displays the following for
Orlando-Ponce: NK3028, 23:30-02:25+1
Ponce-Orlando: NK3029, 03:20-06:15, Ponce-Orlando

Spirit Airlines is the second-largest airline in the United States, behind Southwest Airlines, and they operate out of Orlando International Airport, which is their second-busiest airport (approximately 60 flights per day).

This summer, Spirit’s network of flights will include 54 locations, with Ponce being one of 15 destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Mexico that the airline will service from its hub in Orlando.

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