A Complete Guide To Vietnam’s All Best Beaches

Beachgoers will not be disappointed in Vietnam since the country boasts more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline that winds across the country like a thread through a needle. There is enough of sun, sand, and surf to go around. Here is a list of some of the top beaches in Vietnam, which are guaranteed to make your vacation that much more stunning and memorable.

There are several beaches in Vietnam, and many of them are famous for the powdery sand and lush tropical vegetation that give them the illusion of being the perfect place to lie out in the sun. The variety of beaches that are located in Vietnam that are described in the following paragraphs will provide tourists with a good notion of the kind of beach that would be ideal to visit during their beach holiday in Vietnam.

My Khe beach

The neighborhood of My Khe is rapidly becoming into Danang’s most eastern suburb. People from the city gather on the beach to practice tai chi in the wee hours of the morning and evening. While the locals like to sunbathe in the evening, tourists come out during the peak hours for sunbathing, and fisherman still use coracle boats to cast out from the shore. Particularly during the winter months, the lake may have a deadly undertow. Nevertheless, it is guarded by the greater portion of Nui Son Tra.

There is a stretch of powdery white sand that is more than fifty meters in width, and there are numerous rows of loungers set up beneath the shaded canopies of umbrellas along this stretch. The beach is now accessible to everyone who would want to travel there; the efforts of government groups have paid off; the circumstances necessary for a rejuvenating and risk-free break have been established here:

The neighborhood is situated in close proximity to the heart of the city.
The parking lot has the necessary amenities.
There are also showers with fresh water and toilets available.
In the various restaurants that are available, both food and beverages may be purchased.
Sanitary regulations are adhered to in a rigorous manner.
On-call rescue teams always have trained personnel available.

There is a selection of sporting activities accessible, including those using water. It is feasible to launch a parachutist with a parachute that is linked to the launch.

Because it has such a gentle slope and maintains pleasant temperatures throughout the year, My Khe Beach is an excellent spot for retirees and families with young children.

Couples who have just tied the knot are drawn to areas with beautiful natural scenery and captivating sunrises and sunsets that are framed by the ocean. Young people are seen playing about in the water. However, since there are so few significant waves, surfing may be rather painful at times. September is the best month for his adorers to visit.

evenings and weekends see the highest volume of visitors. Locals and tourists alike have spread themselves around the shore after abandoning their shift teams. The beach is virtually completely empty during the early morning hours of the weekdays.

Cat Ba

The three little beach sections that make up Cat Ba Beaches are referred to together as Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3, and they can be found to the east of the town of Cat Ba Town in Ha Long Bay. A trip to this busy but welcoming beach is sure to provide visitors with great memories thanks to the stunning surroundings, crystal-clear water, and attractive mountains. In around a quarter of an hour, you can make the journey on foot from Cat Ba to reach there.

Mui Ne

The fact that Mui Ne is known as the kiteboarding capital of Asia is one of the primary reasons why this stretch of coastline is considered to be among the most beautiful in all of Vietnam. At first, Mui Ne was exclusively frequented by intrepid tourists who were seeking an adventure and were willing to journey into previously uncharted regions of Vietnam. Things are different today, and Mui Ne has developed its own own thriving tourism industry as a result of these changes.

Long beach

The city of Long Beach needs no introduction; its name says it all. The most pristine stretch of beach may be found over these almost 20 kilometers. belongs to the class of locations to rest from a series called “most-most” since it is the longest, most beautiful, and most frequented of all of the options.

In addition, such an impression is generated not only among professional reviewers from the tourism business but also among regular travelers, who, in their evaluations, actually explain what it is like to visit the location in question. Not only can you admire the land of the beach, but also the water of the ocean, which is clear, peaceful, and has a relatively warm sea surface here.

Hon Chong

This beach can be found in Nha Trang, and it is just a five-minute drive from the Po Nagar Cham Towers, which are the most popular tourist attractions in the city. You may take bus number 4 from the city center to get here, but the only way to get here from the airport is via cab. But from what I’ve heard from travelers, it’s difficult to figure out how to utilize public transit, so renting a bike seems to be the more straightforward and practical option.

Thuan An

Away from the hustle and bustle of Hue’s tourist scene, the beach can be found 12 kilometers to the east of the city. The confluence of the Huong River and the Tam Zyang Lagoon is a picture-perfect setting for any outdoor activity. This location may be reached by using Bus No. 3 from Le Loi-Doi Cung (Hue), which will set you back 6,000 dong, which is equivalent to half a dollar.

Nevertheless, the beach is served by flights into the city until 17:30, the time of the last departure. Those individuals who like to appreciate the one-of-a-kind beauty of the local sunsets cannot do so at this time for a number of reasons. This group of persons either rides a rented bike or takes a cab to get there and back from the event.


Sao Beach is often regarded as the most stunning and well-known beach not just on a significant island but also throughout Vietnam and maybe even across all of Asia. In addition, the beach is regarded pretty highly by experts from all over the globe. This location is not any more undesirable than Long Beach, with the possible exception of being less than half as horrible. And the beauty of the native species is in no way inferior to that of Ong Lang Beach; it has the same unspoiled environment as Ong Lang Beach, but the infrastructure there is more developed.

Being able to spend time at the beach with one’s offspring is a really pleasant experience. Because there are no rocks or other potentially hazardous terrain along the shore, the water is clean and transparent, and swimming is completely risk-free here. Swimming is a skill that may be readily acquired by youngsters. Playing active activities on the beach, such as constructing sand castles, hunting for mollusks or shells, flying a kite, or searching for mollusks and shells is permitted along the coastline.

Bai Xep

The beach known as Bai Xep may be found in a little fishing community not far from the larger town of Quinen. The water at the beach is very clear, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful. These are the defining characteristics of the beach. The beach is encircled on all sides by rolling hills of grassy vegetation, and in the distance, you can make out boats and islands. Round boats with a single oar are waiting for fisherman along the shore in their peculiar configurations.

An Bang

The most popular beaches in Vietnam are usually the epicenters of lively conversation and activity. The beach in An Bang is not an exception to this rule. Because it is just 30 kilometers distant from the international airport in Da Nang, the beach is an excellent destination for vacationers who are in the central region of Vietnam. If you go to this beach between the months of March and September, you can expect the sun to be intensely hot, the water to be comfortably warm, and the sky to be crystal clear.

An Bang’s placid waters make it an ideal place for family-friendly activities like kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving. When considering the locals, it is best to go to the beach as early as possible. This is the most ideal time for going for a peaceful swim or touring the area in rowboats. On the seashore, those looking for an active holiday may play volleyball, while those interested in fishing can try their luck with gear.

Complete Guide To Vietnam’s Best Beaches – Travelrnews

Doc Let Beach

The exquisite beach with white sand that is Doc Let Beach is located on the Hon Khoi peninsula, which is only about an hour’s drive north of Nha Trang. Doc Simply due to the fact that it offers such breathtaking scenery, Let Beach ranks among the top beaches in Vietnam. Travelers who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of Nha Trang’s City Beach often choose for this beach instead.

The powder-white dunes and shallow seas of Doc Martin in the Caribbean Let’s make sure it’s up there with the nicest beaches in Vietnam. However, during the last several years, developers have made significant investments in the area, and excursions from Nha Trang have been bringing large numbers of visitors here. Continue traveling north along the coast to reach more remote locations, such as Bai Bau and Bai Xep, for example.

Ky Co

It is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in all of Vietnam; nevertheless, in order to determine for oneself whether or not this is accurate, it is best to visit the beach in person. The cliffs that surround Ky Co Beach on three sides form a secluded sanctuary with a natural pool and a tiny waterfall that is fed by freshwater. Ky Co Beach is located in Vietnam.

It is a sandy beach with fine golden sand and water that is a beautiful shade of turquoise. Boulders may be found in the water, but since they are so enormous, they are easily seen from the shore. At the very bottom, there are no abrupt changes in depth and no jagged rocks can be found. The cliffs that surround the beach make it quite tranquil and temperate most of the time.

Small children and beachgoers who are more interested in engaging in active pursuits than lazing in the sun may get their games going on the beach’s expansive stretch of sand. Beach soccer and volleyball are popular options for these beachgoers.

Rach Vem

Rach Vem Beach is one of the beaches and bays on the island of Phu Quoc that is the farthest away from civilization and receives the fewest visitors. Rach Vem Beach, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the most tranquil, attractive, and unspoiled areas on the island. The sea has a brilliant turquoise color, and the beach is long and narrow. The water is tranquil, and the entry is smooth and shallow.

Ganh Dau

Ganh Dau Beach is a beautiful beach that can be found on the northwestern shore of Phu Quoc Island. The beach is located around 30 kilometers from Zyong Zong, the capital of the island. It is possible to get to Gang Dau Beach through an asphalt road that heads in an easterly direction from the fishing community that has the same name.

Ong Lang

Ong Lang Beach is the complete antithesis of the closest town, Duong Dong, where the pace of life might be characterized as “boiling.” The sounds of the waves, the rocky landscape, the clear sea, the white sand, and the untamed flora are all aspects that contribute to the overall ambiance of this location. Everything about this resort gives the impression that no human hand was involved in its development in any way. The primary characteristics of Ong Lang Beach are its natural state and the tranquility that it exudes.

Cua Dai

It is five kilometers from the historic city of Hoi An, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is situated on the east coast of Vietnam. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the nation, and every year it draws a large number of vacationers who want to experience the enchanted environment of a paradisiacal tropical setting. From April all the way through September, these locations have their busiest tourist season. Beginning in October, the time of strong waves starts, which is perfect for those who like surfing and other intense water activities. Waves from the ocean that are particularly strong have recently caused substantial damage to a portion of the beach.

Special events are held using sandbags, metal piles, and special bamboo structures covered with tarpaulin in order to restore its original appearance. These events have the effect of somewhat detracting from the appearance of the coast and disturbing the tranquil peace that beachgoers enjoy during their time there. This scene is most often seen in public and untamed regions of Kua Dai, which are located in close proximity to luxurious hotels and exclusive resort areas. To prevent the shoreline from being eroded over time, stone walls and breakwaters were constructed in preparation.

Non Nuoc

In Da Nang, there is a beach that stretches for five kilometers and seems to go on forever. There are usually a lot of people there, but since the area is so big, they don’t run into each other while they’re swimming or bathing because there’s enough space between them. The surrounding region is mostly devoid of inhabitants as well. Only hotels and restaurants may be found in the immediate vicinity of the beach, while the commercial district is located farther inland. It would seem that very few residents make their way here.

Ca Na

An old tale claims that the shore of Ca Na Beach was given its royal name when the royal couple from the Nguyen dynasty was staying there. This mythology is the source of the beach’s nickname, “Sleeping Princess,” which means “beach of the sleeping princess.” The former coastline has been reshaped into a sandy strip in the shape of a crescent that gently slopes into the water. It lies on the outskirts of a fishing community in the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, which is located in the south of the country.

Even on the warmest days of the year, the cool air that comes off the water makes spending time on the beach a really pleasant experience.

The coastline of Ca Na Beach, which leaves an indelible impression due to its breathtaking beauty, astonishes with its combination of white sand, blue sea with gentle waves, rocky mountains, and tropical rainforest.

Ong Dung

Ong Dung is a lovely rocky cove located on the northwestern shore of Kon Son Island, about an hour’s walk through the jungle in the other direction from the National Park. According to a local urban myth, the name of this beach is connected to the name of the man who was said to have murdered his wife and then spent the rest of his life lamenting her loss along the beach.

It is quite uncommon for there to be gusty winds in this bay because of the sheer cliffs that surround it on three sides. To visit the adjacent reef or island where the turtles spend the winter, you have the option of sailing there on your own or renting a boat. Be cautious, however, since it is against the law to capture any of the marine animals; anybody caught doing so would be subject to a monetary penalty and expulsion from the National Park’s land region.

You will go through the Ma Thien Lan Bridge, which was constructed by convicts during the French rule of Vietnam, on your route to Ong Dung. Pay close attention to the unique kinds of birds and animals that can only be found on this island.

Ninh Chu

It may be found in the Ninh Thuan province of southeast Vietnam, exactly in the middle of the road between Fantiet and Nachang. It is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the nation as well as an excellent location for spending a vacation unwinding among unspoiled nature. Because this location has not yet become a famous tourist destination, you may often encounter local inhabitants and rare tourists who have escaped the hustle and bustle of large cities to this tropical paradise.


Vong Beach is most likely going to be the first beach that a good number of visitors visit. After all, the port of Phu Quoc is where the vast majority of boats and ferries that bring visitors to the island with the intention of unwinding here come. Because of the always shifting economic climate along the coast, new piers are constantly being constructed. It is obvious that the beach will evolve into something else throughout the course of time.

During the dry season, when the temperature reaches a point that tourists do not want to risk burning their feet by walking on the sand, visitors to the island are more likely to be spotted on the beaches early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The majority of them choose to spend the day relaxing at the hotel, either by reading a book on one of the loungers or swimming in one of the refreshing pools. However, when the rainy season arrives, it becomes rather hostile, with strong winds and rising waves.

Quy Nhon

Even during the busy summer months, nobody visits this beach with its pale golden sand. The reason for this is because the city of Quinen is located a significant distance from the majority of popular tourist spots. And there is an extra benefit: not only is there plenty to see here, but the environment along the shore is peaceful, in contrast to the majority of the beaches in Asia.

The length of the beach is 6 kilometers. If you are staying in one of the adjacent neighborhoods, you will be able to walk to the ocean since the city center is situated on the beach’s northernmost section. You also have the option to hire a bicycle or bike if you prefer a speedier mode of transportation.

Complete Guide To Vietnam Best Beaches – Travelrnews

Vung Bau

One of the few remaining undeveloped beaches on Phu Quoc is called Vung Bau Beach. It may be found in the northwestern part of the island, close to where the waters of the Gulf of Thailand meet the seas of the South China Sea. Vung Bau is a stunning beach that is formed like a crescent. Vung Bau is transformed into a picture-perfect utopia as a result of the distinctive sapphire hue of the water that can be found in this region of the island.

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is the beach that receives the most visitors in southern Vietnam. It is also the beach that is located the closest to Ho Chi Minh City. This sandy area is large and open, providing plenty of room for beach activities and even running if desired. This impression is caused by the sand, which is fine and pleasant to the touch.

Нo Coc

The beach of Ho Coc is located in the south of Vietnam and is known for its relative seclusion. In the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, the coastline zone that is just 1.5 kilometers long is relatively sparsely inhabited. Those who come here to escape the clamor of the city and the clamor of society may rest both their bodies and their minds thanks to the soft sand and clear water that create a wonderful contemplative atmosphere.

Doi Duong

This is a free public beach in Phan Thiet, which can be found in the southern region of Vietnam in the Ham Tan coastline region. It was ranked as one of the top twenty most beautiful beaches in the nation in 2014 by the famous travel book Rough Guides, which is published in the United Kingdom. In recent years, Phan Thiet Resort has seen a period of fast development, and the shore has been the subject of active construction. Doi Duong was a three-kilometer strip of snow-white sand that was almost completely empty. It was flanked by a shady casuarina forest that had been established by French colonialists just five years before. The city was meant to be protected by the trees from the high winds that often blow in these areas due to the proximity to the coast.

The water in the ocean is crystal clear and see-through, the seabed is flat and unthreatening, and there is a gradual slope leading into the water. There is almost no full stillness here as a result of the continuously blowing winds; nevertheless, there is also none of the scorching heat that is typical of the hot Vietnamese summer.

Tran Phu

Tran Phu beach in Nha Trang is a good option for vacationers who want to be in the thick of the action when it comes to the city’s vibrant tourist life and its evening activities. This is the beach that attracts the most people in the city, and it can be said that all roads lead here. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that one of them, Tran Phu Street, terminates directly onto the promenade. It has a number of hotels, restaurants, and souvenir stores, all of which contribute to its popularity among vacationers.

Bai Dai

The beach at Bai Dai is not very well known among visitors. It is around 20 kilometers away from Nha Trang, however it is not far enough to reach Kamran Airport. Earlier, in the 2000s, this land was set aside as a restricted area for Vietnam’s military outposts, and the beach was off-limits to the general public. The name Bai Dai Beach, which is located on Phu Quoc Island, translates to “a long beach” in Vietnamese. In point of fact, the beach stretches for around 17 kilometers in length. It is situated on a harbor in close proximity to the cities of Nha Trang and Kamran, both of which are nearby.


Another of Phu Quoc’s beaches with white sand, Khem Beach, also called “Bai Kem,” “Bai Khem,” “Khem Beach,” and “Cream Beach,” can be found to the south of the more well-known beach of Sao in the city of An Toi. Khem Beach also goes by the name “Cream Beach.”

The beach was formerly off-limits to anybody other than those stationed at a military facility, however that regulation has been repealed as of 2014. Many people claim that Khem beach is one of the most beautiful on the island of Phu Quoc. However, this only becomes true after 11 o’clock in the morning, when the beach is no longer occupied by people selling fish and seafood, such as shrimp, anchovies, sea urchins, and other items.

Dai Lanh

Approximately one kilometer in length and ten meters in width, Dai Lanh Beach is a sandy beach that has a low population density. It is a half-hour drive from Tuy Hoa and is situated in the middle region of Vietnam. This location is quite tranquil and inviting, thanks to its proximity to nearby low mountains and dense groves of casuarina trees.

During the hotter months of the year, a mild breeze offers a welcome relief from the sweltering heat, and the beach’s fine cream-colored sand, level entry to the ocean, and clear water that is the color of turquoise all combine to make for an ideal setting for a peaceful beach vacation.

Visitors to the beach could have trouble sleeping due to the noise of cars driving by on a nearby highway, but it is the only drawback of their trip.

From Nha Trang, one may go to Dai Lanh Beach by using the train, a rental motorcycle, a taxi, or a bus that is travelling through the area.

Bai Tru

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam with your children and are split between the urge to relax in the sun and the necessity to keep the kids occupied, then this beach is just what you are looking for. You may reach here from Nha Trang on the mainland by boat or ferry, but the majority of visitors choose for an alternate method, which is a 320-meter cable car ride. The location of this attraction is on Hon Tre Island.

There are also deck chairs, umbrellas, and showers available at no additional cost. From this location, you may take a cab, a motorcycle, or a vehicle to travel to the enormous Vinpearl amusement park, which also has an exotic fish tank, a retail center, and an amphitheatre. Catamarans, powerboats, and beach volleyball courts are all available for hire if you want to have a good time without having to leave the beach. A hotel with the same name can be found in the neighborhood, and guests may make reservations at the property at any time of the year.

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