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8 Things to Do in Dover

Dover, the state capital of Delaware, is a terrific destination to visit since it is jam-packed with significant historical buildings and cultural icons. It is the state’s second-largest city and is located inland from both Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a popular tourist destination.

Established in 1683, it has a long and fascinating history to explore, with stunning monuments, museums, and mansions dotting the city’s central area. There are also a variety of wonderful boutiques and local eateries to check out, as well as flea markets and farmers markets, which are also available. The casino, NASCAR racetrack, and Firefly Music Festival are just a few of the attractions in Dover that are worth checking out.

Dover really has plenty to offer everyone, from fine art and architecture to thrilling sports events and gleaming jets to admire. It truly does have something for everyone.

Legislative Hall

Legislative Hall, which serves as the state capitol building of Delaware, is located in the heart of the capital city. Its Colonial Revival architecture, which distinguishes it from other state capitals in terms of look, is particularly noteworthy.

It was constructed between 1931 and 1933 to take the position of the Old State House, which stood at the other end of Leg. Green Park at the time. A tour of the building will take you into the main chambers and courtrooms, as well as to various additional wings that have been erected throughout the years.

In the course of your promenade, you’ll discover beautiful pictures, centuries-old antiquities, and information on the history of the state capital. Having learned about some of Delaware’s most prominent public leaders, you may take a stroll outdoors among the beautiful lawns and gardens.

Agricultural Museum of Delaware

Despite the state’s relatively modest size, the agriculture industry has historically played a significant role in the state’s economy. Visitors to the wonderful Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village may learn all they need to know about the state’s rich agricultural legacy and rural history.

The open-air museum, which is located just south of Delaware State University on a vast expanse of land, attracts visitors from all over the world. Aside from seeing the historic hamlet of the 1890s, there are other fascinating relics, exhibitions, and antique agricultural equipment to see and learn about. Old barns and farmhouses house these, with a church, a windmill, and a schoolhouse strewn across the area as well as other buildings.

The vintage tractors and implements on display in the town aim to illustrate agricultural processes from bygone eras. Photo exhibits, memorabilia, and the historic buildings themselves provide a glimpse into the lives of prior generations of agricultural workers.

Biggs Museum of American Art

The magnificent Biggs Museum of American Art, which has an enormous collection of paintings, photographs, and ceramics, is a must-see. It is located just across the street from the Old State House and is housed in a new red brick structure that integrates well with its historic surroundings.

It originally opened its doors to the public in 1993, making it a significant cultural institution in the region. The museum, which is named after enthusiastic art collector and philanthropist Sewell C. Biggs, presently has over 1,500 pieces of art on exhibit across three levels. There is something for everyone in its exquisite galleries, which include everything from magnificent sculptures and chinaware to antique furniture and modern works of art.

It is this diverse collection of antiques and artworks that makes exploring the museum’s great chambers such a fascinating experience. Temporary displays, as well as local art contests, are also held on a regular basis.

Dover International Speedway

The Dover International Speedway is a destination for motorheads, and it holds a slew of spectacular events throughout the year. Taking part in a thrilling event is really a memorable experience, thanks to the event’s fast-paced format and fun-loving audience.

Due to its severe, oval circuit, it has earned the nickname “Monster Mile” and has been a solid favorite among racing enthusiasts since it first opened its doors in 1969. In addition to hosting races for the NASCAR Cup Series, the slick racetrack also holds USAC and Indy Racing League competitions on occasion.

In addition to watching the cars hurtle around the track, fans may participate at a variety of activities and events in the FanZone. Aside from hosting the prestigious Firefly Music Festival in July, this historic facility hosts concerts, marathons, and other sporting events throughout the year.

Delaware Governor’s Mansion

The charming historic Delaware Governor’s Mansion, which is also located inside the First State Heritage Park, is another highlight. Since the 1960s, the stately Middle Georgian mansion has served as the official house of the state’s governors, a title known affectionately as Woodburn.

The magnificent home, which is now a National Historic Landmark, was really built decades earlier, in 1790, and is still standing today. The red brick structure, which has been well renovated, has a Flemish bond pattern on its outside, with lovely bays, a chimney, and a massive Dutch door decorating its exterior.

The inside is exactly as sophisticated as the outside, with period-appropriate ornamentation and excellent furniture covering every available surface area. While visiting the mansion’s numerous rooms, you will learn about the mansion’s history as well as the history of the governors who have resided there. Before leaving, it is highly recommended that you stroll around the beautiful gardens.

Old State House

The Old State House, located in the heart of Dover, is one of the most significant and spectacular structures in the city. It was once the state’s capital, but it now serves as a superb backdrop for photographs, with excursions bringing you all over its interior.

The modest two-story house, which exemplifies exquisite Middle Georgian design, was constructed between 1787 and 1792 and is a National Historic Landmark. The reddish brick exterior and Palladian window, as well as the gabled roof with an octagonal cupola, are among the building’s most striking elements.

Visit the inside to view the chambers, courtrooms, and a stunning geometric staircase after you’ve taken a few shots on the outside. In addition to a brief movie and educational placards, trained interpreters are on hand to discuss the history and point out some of the more noteworthy parts of the former state capital.

Dover Downs Casino

Dover Downs Casino is the place to go if you want to have a good time while playing some games and watching some exciting sports events. The massive facility is located 10 minutes north of the city center, right near to where the Firefly Music Festival is being held this year.

Even while the harness horse racing track and the Dover Motor Speedway first opened its doors in 1969, the modern casino didn’t open its doors until many decades later. Visitors may enjoy playing slot machines and table games, as well as watching live horse races and placing bets on basketball, baseball, and boxing matches.

In addition, the hotel is home to a slew of pubs and restaurants where events such as concerts, comedy nights, and family-friendly entertainment are often scheduled. The hotel’s broad selection of upmarket facilities is rounded off with a spa, an indoor pool, and a fitness center.

The Air Mobility Command Museum

The Air Mobility Command Museum, on the other hand, is without a doubt the undisputed highlight of any visit to Dover. It is located just south of Dover Air Force Base and is home to the greatest collection of US military cargo and tanker aircraft anywhere in the United States of America.

Its memorabilia and displays, which are housed in a massive WWII-era hanger, are dedicated to airlift, air refueling, and the crews that flew and maintained the aircraft. As you go around, you’ll learn all there is to know about each specific type and get to view some stunning jets, bombers, gliders, and helicopters.

It also has flight simulators where you can practice operating an aircraft, in addition to historic engines and equipment to examine and learn about. Along with a theater, shop, and workshop exhibits, the property also has an old control tower cab that has been decommissioned.

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