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The 7 Safer Nations For Female Digital Nomads In 2023

15.5 million Americans described themselves as digital nomads in 2021, which is an increase of 112 percent from 2019. This was mostly due to COVID-19 as well as the dramatic growth in telecommuting and employment flexibility. Because more than 70 percent of these people were women, there is a significant worry over their safety.

In response to this issue, the technology firm has conducted an analysis using data from the Global Peace Index (GPI) and the Global Health Security Index (GHI) to determine the five nations in which female digital nomads are most likely to remain secure.

Czech Republic

The eighth-ranked country on the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is a must-see trip because to its world-famous capital city of Prague, spectacular castles and chateaux, attractive medieval towns, and natural beauties. You may come here as a visitor because of its central location in Europe, but working from this nation would be an even greater experience!

The Czech Republic is an attractive tourist destination due to its low overall crime rate and lack of instances of pickpocketing.

In general, female digital nomads who are traveling alone will not feel unsafe while doing so in the Czech Republic. Employ some good old-fashioned common sense, and don’t let your guard down. At night, you should steer clear of sites that have insufficient lighting and are isolated, as well as gathering spots for people who are inebriated.

7 Safer Nations For Female Digital Nomads In 2023 - Travelrnews
7 Safer Nations For Female Digital Nomads In 2023 – Travelrnews


According to the findings of the Global Peace Index 2022, Iceland is the location that offers the lowest risk of physical harm to female digital nomads.

Long-term work visas are available to workers working remotely in Iceland. You will only be able to use it for a period of six months, and if you apply for it while you are traveling inside the Schengen region, it will only be valid for a period of ninety days.

During their time in Iceland, female digital nomads have the opportunity to see a wide variety of natural phenomena, including geysers, volcanoes, glaciers, magnificent lava fields, waterfalls, and sculpted mountains.


As a result of the increased risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, the United States Department of State issued a Travel Advisory for Portugal on Tuesday with a “Level 1” severity rating.

Despite this, the country has a ranking of 33rd on the GHI and just 6th on the GPI, making it an appealing location for female nomads who are looking for a warm climate, affordability, culture, and safety.

The standards for obtaining a digital nomad visa in Portugal are now among the least stringent of all the nations that provide such visas. Portugal is also one of the many countries that do so.


Germany is a nation that is seen as generally secure and scores ninth on the Global Happiness Index (GHI). It also rates sixteenth on the Global Peace Index (GPI).

People from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, and Japan are eligible for D-Visas from the nation in central Europe if they want to “pursue an economic activity” or study in the country for more than ninety days.


In addition to its breathtaking mountain scenery and relaxing thermal spas, Hungary is home to a rising number of digital nomads. It holds the 13th spot on the GPI and the 34th spot on the GHI, and the United States Department of State has not issued any travel warnings for the country at this time.


The Global Health Index places Australia in second place, while the Global Peace Index places it in 27th place, making it the safest nation in the world for female digital nomads in the year 2022.

The land down under has seen a significant amount of westernization, and it now has amazing cities, an infinite coastline, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking landscapes that may be explored. Additionally, it provides visas for digital nomads to adult travelers who want to work while they are in the nation in order to finance their longer stay.

New Zealand

Another country that provides female digital nomads with a secure and lovely setting is New Zealand. The nation is renowned for its breathtaking scenery (think “Lord of the Rings”) and rates 13th on the Global Happiness Index (GHI) and 2nd on the Global Peace Index (GPI), which makes it a good choice for lone female digital nomads who are eligible for a working holiday visa.

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