53 Iberia Planes Will Go Paris For The Champions League Final

Iberia already has everything prepared for the Champions League match that will take place in Paris this coming Saturday. Iberia Group will add charter and regular flights throughout the weekend to increase the total number of flights between Madrid and Paris up to 53. This is so that fans can see this long-awaited event live and enjoy it to the fullest.

To facilitate travel from Madrid to Paris for its residents, Iberia and Iberia Express will operate a combined total of 24 flights between Friday evening and Saturday morning. Iberia has arranged an additional four special flights to attend to the requirements of the fans in addition to the 20 ordinary flights that will take place on Friday and 11 that will take place on Saturday morning. These flights make it feasible to arrive in time to see the final.

Sundays are typically filled with seven normal flights on both Iberia and Iberia Express; but, on this particular Sunday, there will also be four special flights.

In a similar fashion, Iberia will operate 18 other charter flights, all of which have already been purchased by various air brokers and travel firms.

On that particular weekend, the Iberia Group will operate a total of 53 flights between Madrid and Paris, providing a total of around 10,000 seats so that passengers can watch the finest football live.

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