300 Soldiers In Cancun To Keep Tourists Safe This Summer

As the number of tourists visiting Cancun and the surrounding Mexican Caribbean region continues to rise, the federal government of Mexico has sent more than 300 personnel of the military forces to the Cancun area in order to battle the rising crime rate and safeguard visitors. The protection of tourists is of the utmost importance since the tourism industry contributed 8.6 percent of the country’s gross domestic product in 2019.

As the globe begins to recover from the epidemic, it is anticipated that tourism will increase to at least the level it had reached before the outbreak and maybe even higher. It is anticipated that this figure would be more than 8.3 percent in the year 2022.

Even if prices for things like food and lodging in Cancun have increased by roughly 150 percent since 2021, the region’s appeal has only continued to soar. This is shown by the fact that more flight options are always being made available.

As of right present, 44 locations in the United States have direct flights to the region, but before the epidemic there were only 33 places with such flying options. During the months of July and August, it is anticipated that Cancun will play host to around three and a half million tourists, the majority of whom will originate from the United States and Canada.

Mexico has been attempting to enhance its police force in response to the huge demand that has been placed on the country by tourists. As a result, the presence of 300 members of the armed forces is an addition that is welcomed by both the Mexican government and tourists.

Officials from the military forces have said that the new deployment would give priority to popular tourist destinations in the northern area. These destinations will include Cancun, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya. The military will make use of its intelligence services in order to investigate and take action against organized criminal organizations operating in these regions.

Following a pattern of consistent growth during the course of the year, an additional group of three hundred armed soldiers has just been deployed. There are now roughly 4,500 armed soldiers spread out over the Mexican Caribbean region. After the murders of two tourists from Canada in June, hotels and businesses have encouraged the police to adopt a tougher stance against violent crime, despite the fact that violent crimes against visitors are uncommon.

The most prevalent crimes that target tourists and happen in Cancun and the surrounding regions are the same crimes that they should anticipate happening everywhere in the world. Pickpocketing, street scams, and other forms of minor crime are the kind of offenses most likely to be committed against visitors, if any crimes are committed at all.

The best method for tourists to reduce their risk of becoming a statistic is to take precautions to safeguard their possessions, to lodge in hotels and resorts, and to avoid strolling the neighborhood late at night by themselves.

Those who are interested in visiting Cancun should practice the same level of safety awareness as they would in any other major city throughout the globe. The rise in overall crime, particularly in the area of violent crime, is enough to give anybody pause for thought.

However, the majority of visitors shouldn’t be too worried, despite the fact that the figures could seem alarming. Visitors are only affected by a relatively tiny fraction of all violent crimes, with the vast majority of killings being connected to organized crime.

Unfortunately, the rise in popularity of Cancun has also had the unintended consequence of making the surrounding area more desirable to individuals and organizations involved in criminal activity. As a result of an increase in the number of vacationers interested in obtaining illegal drugs while they are there, the local drug trade has continued to flourish in this region.

It is interesting to note that the growth in violent crime in the region is not even a problem for the local people, which further supports the idea that the majority of tourists should not have too much reason to worry about their safety.

The Quality of Life Association conducted a survey asking locals to rank the issues that are of the utmost importance to them in terms of the local community. The steadily increasing number of murders was not even included in this year’s top 10 concerns.

The locals are aware that the vast majority of violent acts that take place in the region are almost never carried out against regular citizens and are instead predominantly associated with criminal groups. When asked about their primary concern about criminal activity, the vast majority of respondents said that they dreaded being robbed by regular criminals.

The vacationers should be aware of the behaviors of the locals and be concerned about the kind of crimes that are most likely to impact them while they are there, such as theft of personal items. Criminals often make the assumption that visitors have a significant amount of money, cellphones, and other valuables in their possession, regardless of whether or not this is really the case.

Keeping yourself safe when visiting Cancun and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean by adhering to certain fundamental safety practices may make a significant difference in reducing the likelihood that you will become a statistic.

If you are going to visit the region, it is imperative that you be aware of the potential dangers, that you stay inside the resort areas, and that you are mindful of your surroundings at all times. Maintain communication with your loved ones, so they are aware of your whereabouts at all times, and program the numbers of the local emergency services into your mobile device.

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