10 Amazing Tree Houses In India

Have you always wished you could live in a treehouse but haven’t been able to do so because of financial constraints? From all of the novels we grew up reading, treehouses have always been those mysterious hideouts where we fantasized about forming top-secret societies and conspiring with our friends.

Individually self-contained, luxury chambers are suspended between the branches of towering trees at heights varying from 40 to 90 feet, providing an unobstructed view of the lush green tropical paradise below. Now, let’s have a look at some of the most incredible tree homes in India to help you relax:

Rainforest Resort

If the thought of getting a bird’s eye view of Athirapally Falls (Kerala’s largest waterfall) appeals to you, then book yourself a tree house at the boutique Rainforest Resort, which is tucked away in the Sholayar rainforest. You’ll be able to see the waterfall from the comfort of your own tree house.

For those seeking a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is an ideal location for you and your loved one. You will get the impression that you have been transported to another universe because of the breathtaking sights.

Kannamkuzhy P O, Athirapally Via Chalakudy, Trichur (Kerala), India. The average cost is INR 22,000 ($290) and more.

Vanya Tree House

Located on the face of a hill in the western Ghats, the Vanya Tree House is constructed on a single tree and is surrounded by lush greenery and deep forest, making it an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Naturalists will like the fact that the resort is situated right adjacent to the Periyar Wildlife Park, which is stretched across ten acres of big trees and plantations.

Even words fall short of describing the ethereal splendor of the Vanya Tree House’s idyllic setting in its natural habitat.

Geographical location: NH 220, Munnar Kumily Highway (Kumily), Thekkadi

The average cost per night is INR 19,000 ($250).

Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort, located at the entrance to the Wayanad region of Kerala, along a beautiful mountain range, features five tree huts (one of which is kid friendly) tucked away in the heart of the forest for guests to stay in.

A creek runs through the property, and the tree homes have been handcrafted by indigenous tribal people utilizing materials that are readily accessible in the area. There is an Ayurvedic spa, a swimming pool, a games room, and a health club on the premises.

Vythiri Resort Road Lakkidi P O, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala 673576. From INR 15,000 ($200) onwards is the average cost.

Nature Zone Resort

Munnar is linked with natural beauty, and it has so much to offer that you will be taken aback by its splendor. A beautiful combination of environment and animals, Nature Zone Resorts in Munnar is a must-visit destination. The inclusion of Tree House Munnar in Jungle Resorts Kerala makes it the perfect location for connecting with nature in all of its tranquil splendor.

What makes this one unique?

Nature hikes and hiking are among the many activities available at the resort. Other activities include bird viewing, rappelling, rock climbing, and rappelling down waterfalls.
In the tree home, you may relax and enjoy the conveniences of contemporary facilities to your heart’s delight.

Locality: Pulippara, Nullatanni, Kerala 685612 (near the KSRTC bus station).

Tree House Resort

The Tree House Resort, located around 30 minutes’ drive from the pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, is the world’s biggest resort of its type. It is the largest resort of its kind in the world. Located in the Syari Valley in Nature Farms, this facility is available for rent.

This resort’s rooms are separated into a number of luxurious “nests.” Some of them even have tree trunks running through them, which will make your stay a unique and memorable experience. Aside from being a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is also an excellent place to unwind and rejuvenate.

What makes this one unique?
The resort’s amenities include a restaurant, an activity room, a gym, a swimming pool, and sports such as archery, badminton, and golf, among other activities.

How To Get There
Location: 5, Vijay Path, Sector 2, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Distance from Jaipur International Airport: 48.6 kilometers, distance from Jaipur Railway Station: 40.4 kilometers.

Average costs are INR 12,000.00 (about $155.00).
The months of October through March are the most pleasant for travel.

Hornbill River Resort

Imagine being 40 feet above the surface of the earth! In India, the Hornbill River Resort is a romantic haven for newlyweds on their honeymoon. One of a kind and unique, the tree house hotel is an excellent spot to spend a romantic holiday with your significant other.

The combination of unimaginable d├ęcor and cutting-edge facilities ensures an unforgettable stay with your significant other. Apart from that, the sound of flowing water adds to the thrill of living in a tree home.

What makes this one unique?

Embark on an adventure into the forest to engage in something exciting and entertaining.
Take part in white-water rafting and bird-watching excursions.

Hubballi International Airport is located 79.9 kilometers away. Distance between Nagargali Railway Station and the hotel is 42.6 kilometers.
The ideal time to visit is between the months of October and February.

Tree House Hideaway

Located on 21 acres of lush forest abutting Bandhavgarh National Park, The Tree House Hideaway is a small, intimate property with five special tree cabins that can be found only at The Tree House Hideaway (one of the best places to see a tiger in India).

A contemporary connected bathroom, hot water, a living space, air conditioning and power backup are included in the price of the tree homes. There is also mosquito netting included in the price of the tree houses.

How To Get There

Location: Vijarhia, Madhya Pradesh, along the Umaria-Badhavgarh Road. The average distance between Jabalpur Airport and Jabalpur Junction Railway Station is 160 kilometers, while the average distance between Jabalpur Airport and Jabalpur Junction Railway Station is 171.7 kilometers.

Starting at INR 17,500 ($230), prices increase steadily. Visiting throughout the months of October to June is the most pleasant time of year.

The Machan

In particular, families or groups of friends vacationing together will enjoy the Machan, which is ideal for anyone seeking a remote escape. It’s a massive tree home nestled in the middle of a private tropical forest in Lonavala, and it’s available for rent. Located on the cliff’s edge, this property offers stunning views of the valley below from its elevated position.

Location: Lonavala, Atvan, Maharashtra 401401. The average cost per night is INR 16,000 ($210).

Tree House Cottages

Beautiful Tree House Cottages is situated in one of India’s most beautiful regions, the Kullu-Manali valley in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by lush green lawns and trees. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

It is snuggled away in the lap of the Himalayas, away from the rush and bustle of the masses, and it provides calm vistas and captivating sceneries. The kind welcome you will get here will only add to your enjoyment of the experience.

What makes this one unique?

You’ll get the sensation of floating above the clouds. Hiking and cycling are excellent ways to make your vacation memorable. It is an essential necessity to indulge in the delectable Himachali cuisine provided here.

Tree house is located in the Himachal Pradesh town of Manali. Costs start at INR 3,000 ($40) and go up from there.

Tranquil Resort

In Kerala’s Wayanad region, the quiet resort is surrounded by beautiful green coffee farms and is a haven of peace and tranquility. There are over 13 walking pathways inside the tree house resort, which is also home to approximately 100 different kinds of birds. In addition to this, the resort provides some of the most incredible amenities, such as outdoor swimming pools and Ayurvedic treatments, to its guests.

An additional 1,000 square foot tree villa, as well as a tree house, are available for guests to utilize at the resort. And the best part about this restaurant is that they provide freshly brewed coffee from the estate as their major attraction.

Kuppamudi Estate is located in Kolagapara Post in the Wayanad District of Kerala.  Approximately INR 6,000 ($80.00) is the typical cost.

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